About Us

Welcome to New Jacked Media!

The vision for New Jacked Media business model is providing an easy entry for startup companies; small businesses and any entrepreneur who needs to establish a web presence or update any current solution. Creating an effective web presence starts by analyzing business needs, customers demographics, and what if any marketing solutions exist. New Jacked Media looks to provide an affordable; professional all inclusive online marketing service to those businesses that may not have the budget for a high production cost solution but want the same high production value.

New Jacked Media was created and founded by Dennis Clemente Torres with the help and support of his family. After working for several years in the software development industry, including government software contract work, I wanted to specialize my skills in business marketing for local companies.  I noticed that there are many local companies in Tucson and the surrounding area that have been established for several years; yet still did not have a website much less a presence in the online community. These local businesses in Tucson and surrounding areas had some success, but seemed to have stalled on reaching out and getting new business.

At New Jacked Media we aim to solve that problem by providing entry level solutions such as websites, business cards or other traditional marketing methods. We aim to create websites that are easy to navigate, intuitive, fun websites and flexible to grow easily with minimal interruption to the site and business. At New Jacked Media we take the client from the planning stages of the project, to design and all the way to going live. As part of our services we cross promote our clients sites using the latest social media tools. All site content is created with SEO in mind, making sure that content on the site is relevant, useful and organized for easy user consumption.